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Our advanced risk management strategy allowed us to be consistently profitable during both uptrend and downtrend. Digital assets such can provide highly lucrative return, yet they are much more volatile and possess higher risk compared to traditional asset classes. CFund manages your capital with rigorous position sizing, advanced trading strategy, and a conservative stop loss.
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Onboarding process

Registration and Identification
Prospective customers can contact us to have a consultation whether investing in digital asset with us aligns with their risk appetite, financial profile, and investment objective. Once they are successfully evaluated and their eligibility confirmed, we will provide them detailed information about the investment.
Product Selection and Agreement
The next step is to formulate a contractual agreement between CFund and the investor. The investor may select the desired investment product that fit their objective. They will also be informed about the condition, performance objectives, as well as the risk involved. Finally, an agreement between CFund and the investor will be signed under a prepared contract. Finally, the contract between the investor and CFund is prepared and signed.
Aseets Under Management
Once all the paperwork is signed, the investor can deposit their investment. Deposits can be made in fiat or cryptocurrencies. Hence, the fund management starts. The investor will now receive access to a periodic report to keep track of their investment's performance.

Fee Structure & Terms

The fee structure for CFUND portfolio management services consists of 2% management fee, which is deducted from the initial investment value, and 20% performance fee deducted from the profit made during the fund management process. In addition, CFund imposes a locking period for the investor's fund, starting from quarterly basis.

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